Nurture & Nature

Nurture and Nature is a high-quality arts programme that will be co-designed by rural communities and artists. Under the expert guidance of local Arts Manager and Artist Hazel Florence Boland, three lead artists Rachel Fitzpatrick, Deborah Malcomson and Heather Richardson will work on a co-design basis to ensure that the programme meets the differing and specific needs of local rural communities in Aghagallon, Donaghcloney and Tannaghmore. 

Utilising a proven methodology that was honed through the Arts Council of NI-supported ‘Connected’ programme, it aims to further develop relationships with rural communities and partners that were involved in or identified through the ‘This Place’ strand of the project. 

We will bring you regular updates on the project and the people here.

Nurture and Nature is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.